Helena Independent Record: Governor’s child tax credit, adoption bills moving through process

Caitlin Jensen, the executive director of the Zero to Five Montana program, said that the cost of raising children has never been higher and that even though the organization also supported a different child tax credit bill carried by a Democrat that took a broader approach, they still supported Kassmier’s proposal. Republicans hold a supermajority in the Legislature, making any Democratic bills that don’t get support from across the aisle unable to succeed.

“Even minimal child tax credits can have a positive impact on reducing poverty,” Jensen said

Jensen also said the tax credit didn’t do much to address the issue of accessing child care.

“As a mother of a 2 year old, I can confirm that the high costs of child care, in addition to the long waitlists, force families to make decisions about their jobs, including leaving the workforce,” Jensen said. “I’d also like to note that this child tax credit, although it does help, doesn’t come nearly as close to addressing the child care crisis because greater investments are needed to help support and address that issue.

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