Daily Montanan: Lawmakers agree to draft legislation on insurance solutions for child care providers

“After the March meeting, Zero to Five Montana, a Helena-based early childhood policy and advocacy organization, in April surveyed providers across the state on how much their liability insurance had gone up, if they had been dropped by insurers, and if they would be interested in joining a business liability insurance pool.

About 85% of the 228 childcare providers that responded to the survey said they were interested in joining an insurance pool; most of them said their main desire would be to get more affordable insurance options or to get better coverage than they currently receive.

The survey included group providers, childcare centers and family, friend and neighbor providers, covering all types of childcare settings. Of the 228 facilities that responded in the survey, 57% said their annual liability insurance premium rate had increased during the past year, and about one in three said costs had gone up at least $1,000.

Just 18% of providers said they were satisfied with their insurance experience, and many of them reported facing increased costs because their facilities are considered higher risks by insurers because of their locations, if they have pets present, if they take the children out for enrichment activities, or if they care for children with special needs despite them having no history of claims.

For childcare centers, which serve more than 16 children at a time, the average annual rate increase during the past year was $1,859. For centers it was $503 and for family, friend and neighbor facilities, rates increased on average $269.”

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