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Why Policy Matters

Early childhood policies greatly impact the lives of children and families across Montana.

Whether through child care assistance for low-income families or providing resources for new and expecting parents, sound policies make a valuable difference in the lives of families with young children. By prioritizing children and families, we can ensure that parents have what they need to care for their children and can get to work, allowing businesses to have a strong, reliable workforce while our economy strengthens.

Policy Priority Resources

Early Learning

78% believe the Montana state government should play a role in providing a public early education option.


Child Care

75% Believe Montana state government should play a role in reducing the cost of child care for parents.


State Fact Sheets

Our Policy Briefs & One Pagers

See our policy briefs and one pagers to understand various early childhood related topics. Want to learn about something that’s not listed? Just reach out to us!

Our Policy Work

Local governments, state legislators, and other elected officials all play a role in creating a brighter future for the next generation.

To make important policy decisions, our leaders should understand the needs of young children and the challenges that parents face.

At Zero to Five Montana, we work with legislators and others to improve the lives of young children, so that families, businesses, and communities can thrive.

Through our work, we help policymakers, employers, and communities understand the early childhood system landscape in Montana. We can support efforts to locate and interpret early childhood data, research other state early childhood policies and pathways, and engage in candidate education and outreach.