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Our ultimate goal is to live in a Montana dedicated to the success of every child. Our work revolves around a vision that our state will be committed to giving every child a great start in life and a promising future.

Recognizing the need for coordinated support efforts to be placed within tribal communities to address early childhood issues, Zero to Five Montana is striving to ensure Montana’s early childhood system uplifts the perspectives and experiences of parents and early childhood leaders across our tribal nations.

Native American children in Montana hold the key to the future across our tribal nations. Young children born and raised within their tribal communities learn the culture and standards of their tribe. We must ensure young children are receiving the best start in life by providing quality services and equal opportunities both on and off the reservations.

Zero to Five Montana is designing a coalition to mitigate challenges that impact reservation communities in early childhood services. This framework will assist tribes in aligning values and priorities while sharing knowledge amongst each other. Currently, there are gaps in services where we can identify opportunities that reflect the hope and aspirations of the tribes across Montana.

Learn more about Zero to Five’s Early Childhood Tribal Outreach.

Montana Infant and Toddler
Tribal Language Pilot

The Montana Tribal Language Pilot helped create opportunities for infant-toddler programs in Montana to create, strengthen, and promote native language strategies in classrooms for infants and toddlers.

2022 Montana Infant/Toddler Tribal Language Pilot Participants included:

  • CS&KT Early Childhood Services, Pablo, MT
  • Browning Schools Child Care Center, Browning, MT
  • Fort Belknap Child Care, Fort Belknap, MT
  • Blackfeet Early Childhood Center, Browning, MT
  • Tiny Tots Child Care, Wolf Point, MT

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