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Our ultimate goal is to live in a Montana dedicated to the success of every child. 
Our work revolves around a vision that our state will be committed to giving every child a great start in life and a promising future.

Montana Parent Voice is a statewide parent advocacy network dedicated solely to increasing awareness related to critical early childhood issues in Montana. It is a place for families to come together, learn, and take action for the early childhood system we all want to see for our children.

  • We believe families are the experts.
  • We know barriers exist that prevent families from thriving.
  • We strive to build parent power to impact policies to benefit young children and families.
  • We envision a Montana dedicated to every child.
Zero to Five Montana believes families provide a critical perspective that is many times lacking when decisions are made that greatly impact young children. Often times, those closest to the challenges, have the best solutions.
Montana Parent Voice Will:
  • Provide opportunities to build parent expertise around state policy work and ways to advocate.
  • Share up-to-date information about early childhood policy issues in Montana.
  • Elevate the voices of Montana parents and families
  • Share opportunities for families to engage with policy makers

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We believe investing in our children today is the most important pathway to a healthy, thriving Montana tomorrow. Click the button below to learn more about how you can get involved.