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We bring critical partners together through strategic cross-sector coalitions, networks, and initiatives to define and drive systems-change in early care and education.

Montana Early Learning Alliance

The mission of the Montana Early Learning Alliance is to work towards a future where Montana’s early childhood system engages families and provides resources for affordable access to a developmentally appropriate learning environment for every four-year-old that is led by a highly skilled early educator who is valued, respected, and fairly compensated.

The Montana Early Learning Alliance (MELA) is a multi-sector partnership of early care and education organizations dedicated to identifying a pathway for quality preschool options across Montana. This group meets monthly to discuss evidence-based research and solutions that make sense for Montana. The alliance can provide data, policy guidance, and resources to support efforts to implement quality preschool. MELA partners with the National Institute for Early Education Research for group facilitation and policy guidance. Current Partners Include:

Take Action to Create Better Outcomes for Children & Families

Infant-Toddler Policy Workgroup

Formerly known as Building Strong Foundations for Families (BSFF), the Infant-Toddler Policy Workgroup works to:

Increase Access

Increase access to quality infant-toddler care in Montana with a focus on equity and inclusion

Provide Workforce

Provide workforce development and organizational capacity building support for infant/toddler early care and education providers, with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Increase Inclusion

Increase access to quality infant-toddler care in Increasing the inclusion of American Indian content and leadership in infant and toddler care statewide with a focus on equity and inclusion

This multi-sector group meets monthly to hear updates from various groups on topics related to prenatal to three (PN-3) while supporting public-private coalition building, key messaging and strategy, and education on infant-toddler policies.

Early Childhood Coalition


This group of early childhood coalitions from across the state meets monthly. Learn more about the groups involved on the Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies, The Montana Coalition website.

You Can Make a Difference

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